Wednesday, 23 July 2014

What I Eat : All Fruit Mango Smoothie

There's nothing more refreshing and nourishing to the soul than to start the day with a mango smoothie. The smooth texture and comforting taste of a mango is more agreeable to my system that a citrus first thing. The mellow taste is just right when the sun is peeping up over the trees and you have that new morning glow on everything around.

I wanted the smoothie to taste of mango, so I only used one banana for extra bulk and nutrients and the rest of the puree came from one very large fibre-less mango. With a bit of fresh almond milk added to thin.

I cut up the pieces of fruit quite small before placing in a food processor. This is because I do not wish to blend for too long to avoid mixing in too much oxygen into the fruit. I used organic fruit, it is reasonably priced in the UK right now as usual in the summer time.

I sipped my smoothie out in the garden early in the morning walking barefoot on the grass (earthing).

Smoothies are one the easiest ways to enjoy fruit in the morning because they are so quick to make. If you need to thin down the mixture, do not add water, instead add fruit juice, coconut water or nut milk. This smoothie is all natural, dairy free and vegan.

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