Thursday, 31 July 2014

What I Eat : Berries For Brunch

One of the benefits of "Growing Your Own" is that you have real abundance of seasonal fruits once your plants have become established (usually takes two years). An established, healthy plant yields so much fruit that you have to plan how to use/store the surplus.

I planted five raspberry plants three years ago, these have spread, occupying about three times the original growing space, grown bushy and each year have produced more and more berries to pick.

Each morning I start my day with a juice (sometimes a smoothie) quite early, so by about 10.30am I am ready to indulge in some freshly picked berries. I have been harvesting a bowl like this everyday throughout May, June and July. Sometimes do not even put them in a bowl, instead eating them directly from the plant whilst I potter around in the garden basking in Vitamin D, just the way humans are meant to eat plants.

Image above: I have even frozen some of the surplus that I could not consume. Ready for smoothies in the next few weeks. I do this by washing the berries with filtered water, then gently drying with kitchen paper and finally separating into small containers suitable for a single use before placing into the freezer.

I choose to grow raspberries because:
1. They are one of my favourite fruits and I like to eat them everyday if possible
2. They are nutrient rich
3. Eating straight after picking means I am consuming living foods (living enzymes)
4. It is difficult to find organic raspberries that look fresh in stores (UK)
5. Store bought raspberries perish quickly
6. Once planted raspberry bushes require very little maintenance
7. Raspberries are an "heirloom" fruit, they are a close resemblance to the original wild raspberry
8. Growing my own is a very cheap was to consume organic raspberries every day.
9. I can pick the berries when they are ready to eat and not over ripe.

Organic raspberries, each fruit ripens at a different time making it easy to harvest each day.

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