Monday, 1 September 2014

Chemical Free Home : Harvesting Fennel Flowers For Easy Natural Home Fragrance

It's the end of summer and the fennel plants have grown abundantly into a roaring and unruly bush competing in height with me. As soon as the flowers appear and the wispy, herby leaves are no more, to stop further seeding I cut back the plants. This provides the opportunity to bring natural scent into the home.

The flowers are at the top part of the plant where the stems are thinner, I cut these into bunches and arrange in vases, the scent is subtle but noticeable.

This year's harvest amounted to three large vases erupting with delicate sprays of green - hallway, sitting room and kitchen covered!

The rest of the plant's stem is much thicker and the fragrance much more intense. I cut the stems into 1.5 ft rods, they look like lucky bamboo and put into pots with water, positioning where a stronger scent works best, perfect in our ground floor cloakroom and utility room.

This was just a small part of my wall of fennel a couple of months ago, lush with tasty fragrant leaves.

UK Raw Health HQ is chemical free zone. 100% natural home fragrance is in the minority to buy in stores in a ready to use format. I certainly never see such things in a supermarket.

My favourite ways to fragrance the home naturally include:

1. Fresh air - open windows throughout the home to let fresh air blow through. Even better if a helper is outside mowing the lawn for a fresh cut grass smell.
2. Fresh cut herbs, rosemary, fennel, lavender and sage cut in huge bunches dotted around the home in vases or hung up to air dry.
3. All natural wax (eg. 100% soya wax), naturally scented candles. These do even have to be lit. Just position in a room and keep the door closed.
4. Incense sticks (occasionally), again must be natural.

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