Saturday, 21 June 2014

Weight Loss : Things I Can Do Now #3 : Half Your Portion Size & Your Bite Size

Welcome to Things I Can Do Now. This is a series of easy changes you'll hardly notice for those who wish to improve their diet and lifestyle without the effort!

Things I Can Do Now #3 : Half Your Portion Size & Your Bite Size.

If you are eating big meals for lunch and/or evening dinner, it's most likely your food is on a dinner sized plate (26cm dia. approx.). Start your journey to wellness and weight loss by only filling half your plate with your regular meals, so the other half remains empty. This may mean cutting something in half such as a burger in a bun and discarding the surplus half (or giving it to a friend!).

When eating foods such as pasta dishes and take away meals it is easy to consume a whole plate of food even though these are too many calories for one meal and the physical size of the portion is too big for comfort. Therefore it is too difficult to leave half of what is on your plate, instead only fill half the plate.

When ordering take out food, order half the amount you normally get. If you are cooking food, only prepare half the amount you usually would. With the "Half" strategy filtering through to the very start of the meal there will not be any leftovers to tempt you later. You will benefit even more if you say no to any large sodas (even diet versions), instead opting for water, Coconut Water or a freshly squeezed small orange juice.

Now is also the time to take smaller bites/ mouthfuls, filling up about about one third of a spoon or fork each time. This action will ensure that your food is chewed up properly (part one of digestion) and will also make your meal last longer (to ensure meal messages are reaching the brain).

At UK Raw Health HQ we do not promote eating take away fast food in any meals as we cannot be sure of the quality of the ingredients or know fully if there are any chemicals used for texture, flavour or preserving. The "Half the portion" strategy is a good start if you cannot bring yourself to make changes to the ingredients in your diet with immediate effect, but you do wish to do "something" to head in the right direction.

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