Saturday, 14 June 2014

Healthy Recipes : Two Ingredient Cookies from Todd's Kitchen

Today I made these two ingredient cookies using a super quick and easy recipe from Todd's Kitchen. They taste very yummy whilst still warm and I especially love the recipe as it does not include heating fats (apart from the naturally occurring small amount of fat in the ingredients) which is a less toxic way of cooking. Here it is...

I just went ahead with the basic two ingredient recipe, I do not use quick oats, so instead I used some organic jumbo oats chopped up in the food processor.

I did not add chocolate chips as they may contain stabilisers to stop them melting. As I only choose natural foods my next batch will have some chopped up dark chocolate from an 84% cocoa bar included or I may drizzle melted chocolate on after they have come out of the oven. I also have taste buds that adore cinnamon, raisins and nutmeg, so will experiment with these also in future batches.


I loved these super quick cookies so much I have tried some different additions to the two main ingredients:
1. Adding chopped up 85% cocoa organic dark chocolate - 10/10 - the perfect combination.
2. Adding  handful of organic sultanas - 7/10 - too sweet.
3. Adding a handful of organic raisins - 9/10 - not too sweet and nice texture.

On the baking sheet ready for 15 minutes in the oven.
The finished result. The chocolate is just a little melted in places... yummers!

A perfect vegan or vegetarian recipe to enjoy. These would be a good option if you are transitioning to a healthy diet and still crave biscuits as they are so quick to make!

Thank you Todd for a simple but genius recipe. Mrs Bee. x

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