Saturday, 1 March 2014

Natural Foods : Fast "Feel Good" Smoothie Recipe : Banana Berry Smoothie

Welcome to UK Raw Health.

I would love it if you would join me for a simple tasty smoothie, with "feel good" ingredients to boost your mood.

It's quick to make taking a total of about 5 minutes including the clean up.

In the blender/processor jug: 1 large ripe organic banana broken into pieces, 4 large organic strawberries, a few berries - I used black currants and raspberries picked fresh as these were growing in my garden, but I also like frozen organic berries. Berries are highly flavourful so only use a few otherwise the taste will dominate.

Blend and add as much liquid as you like to reach your preferred consistency. As you can see from the picture I did not blend up much as my smoothie is still a little textured this is because I only blend for 30 seconds or less so as not to introduce too much oxygen into the smoothie - oxygen oxidises and damages the living enzymes in plants. Go for your own preference, if you like a smoother consistency blend more!

I used rice milk to thin the fruit mixture, but I also like filtered water, coconut water, oat milk and raw almond milk. Taste with a small spoon, if the berries are too tarte add some Stevia or coconut sugar and blend. Pour the beautifully coloured smoothie into a glass, quickly clean up your blender, should take about 30 seconds, then enjoy your smoothie sipping slowly.

What ever recipe you choose for your smoothie, remember to create it with love and enjoy it in nature taking a few minutes from your busy day to breathe fresh air and let the sun hit your skin for a dose of Vitamin D. Wishing you peace and love... Mrs. Bee x

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