Friday, 1 August 2014

Storing Natural Food : Bananas

Getting the most out of natural foods, especially fresh produce, is partly down to storage. Bananas are an easy one but you have to keep an eye on them! I never eat under ripe bananas, I wait until they have about one third of the their skin surface covered in brown spots.

To get a great price on organic bananas I often buy in bulk. If the weather is cold (quite usual in the UK!) bananas last for weeks in a cool spot in a bowl on their own away from other fruits. When the whether is super sunny bananas can ripen too fast for consumption even for the big fruit eaters at UK Raw Health HQ.

When you have too many ripe bananas it is time to freeze some ready for smoothies, all natural banana "ice cream" and for an indulgent treat eating with peanut butter and dark chocolate. Or make "Todd's Two Ingredient Cookies".

We have experienced a heat wave in the UK over the past few months, great for growing fruits, not so good for storing bananas! So I have frozen a whole bunch.

To freeze I slice the bananas, place carefully into containers and then freeze.

Slicing makes it easy to utilise the frozen fruit for many different purposes, they are easier to blend at this smaller size if you do not have a high powered blender, but instead are using a food processor.

If you only use your frozen bananas for banana "ice cream" or smoothies and you have a high powered blender or a Yonanas, freezing works just as well with one banana cut into three before freezing.

Also pictured in the freezer drawer... Waitrose Duchy Originals Organic Frozen British Raspberries.

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